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Dora Kramser

Dora is a marketing manager. Her deepest passions don't just include baking, wine and Italy, but also the hospitality sector which she works in.

Three hashtags: writing blog posts takes time

Famous first words

How I write my blog posts Content strategists are good at many things. One of those things is making sure that every piece of content finds its perfect container. Words find their container in the form of a text, maybe published as a blog post just like this one.  Putting… Read More »Famous first words

Three hashtags: quality, howto, content audit

Content audits: assessing your content’s quality

After defining your brand’s message architecture and conducting a content inventory, you’ve already come a long way. Bear with me a little longer, we are going to piece everything together with a content audit. This is my favorite part: assessing your content’s quality. The best starting point for your content… Read More »Content audits: assessing your content’s quality

Three hashtags: show me what you got, content inventory, improvements

Content inventories: A journey through your web content

Next stop to improve your web content: content inventory. Do you know how much content has piled up on your website over the years? Probably not. It’s better to deal with it now than later. That’s where content inventory comes in. It gives you an overview of all the content… Read More »Content inventories: A journey through your web content