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What sounded like a good idea over a cup of coffee got even better when other passionate content strategists joined.

This website started as a project for the study program we have in common: Content Strategy at FH JOANNEUM in Graz, Austria.

We want to use this platform to explain the undervalued field of content strategy in a practical way, make it understandable and share all the useful tips and tricks with you.

These tips will not only make your life easier when working with content but also make your users, customers, or business partners very happy!


Birgit Gündisch

Freelance Online-Marketer

Portrait picture of author Xaver Lindlbauer
Xaver Lindlbauer

Information Designer

Dora Kramser
Dora Kramser

Marketing Manager

Portrait picture of author Pamela Ohlbaum, a young woman with long brown hair, she wears purple glasses. She is wearing a light pink jacket, a white t shirt and a coral necklace.
Pamela Ohlbaum

Communication Advisor

Portrait of Marie Theres Huber
Marie Theres Huber

Brand Development Consultant

Georgiana Fitzjohn

Content Designer