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Content Strategy Explained

The field of content strategy doesn’t need to be an abstract one – on the contrary! On this blog you will find hands-on approaches and explanations from multiple professional perspectives. 

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Book recommendation: The Content Strategy Toolkit

A year before finishing my master’s in Content Strategy, I came across a former program student selling books on the topic. I contacted her to buy some of the books, and she recommended me “The Content Strategy Toolkit” by Meghan Casey. “It helped me a lot with my thesis,” she...

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Books That Got Me Through My Content Strategy Studies

  If you’re looking for sources that can be helpful in the field of content strategy and don’t know where to start, stick with me. In my last blog post for this semester I want to share some books (in German and English) that I found useful during my Content Strategy studies...

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My Most Important Content Strategy Learnings

It is time to look back on two years of studying Content Strategy at FH JOANNEUM. Let me share my most valuable takeaways with you.  What is a strategy? It took me four semesters to actually wrap my head around what a (content) strategy is. Now I know, it is...

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On the Use of Portfolios in Content Strategies

Portfolios are a way to display learnings and reflect about topics. This post discusses their use in the field of content strategy. How portfolios can be used in content strategy A portfolio like the one you are currently reading on this blog can be applied in different ways by...

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My Two-Year Journey of Studying Content Strategy

Finding a balance between personal and professional commitments is no small feat, especially when you’re self-employed and have a family to care for. Over the past two years, I embarked on an exciting journey to study content strategy while managing my business and living with a child. This article delves...

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Content Strategy-Related Conferences Not to Miss

Content strategy is a broad field with touchpoints to a lot of different areas, such as (content) marketing, product management, UX, information architecture, etc. To keep up-to-date with new thoughts and developments in all related areas and to share one’s own knowledge, visiting and speaking at conferences should be an...

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