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Xaver Lindlbauer

Xaver is an information designer, who has worked in design agencies since 2017 as designer and creative director.

Diving into the 3rd dimension

3D renderings – or in other words, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and animation – have been used by the film industry for decades to breathe life into fictional stories. This technology amazes viewers, makes unimaginable worlds tangible, and has revolutionized cinema like almost no other technology.But it’s not just Hollywood that… Read More »Diving into the 3rd dimension

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Faster, cheaper, better. AI-generated content is coming

AI-generated content is coming – faster, better, stronger than expected. At the time of writing this blog post, it includes computer generated texts and images at a very high quality level already. And it is just a question of time passing by, before it also creates convincing video, audio, other… Read More »Faster, cheaper, better. AI-generated content is coming

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Content is a Designer’s Problem

When designing for any medium, you as a designer are not responsible for content, but for the framing of the content. And bad content will ex- or implode that framing quickly. But what can you do about that problem? And what is bad content from a designers perspective? Let’s talk!