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Content Strategy-Related Conferences Not to Miss

Content strategy is a broad field with touchpoints to a lot of different areas, such as (content) marketing, product management, UX, information architecture, etc. To keep up-to-date with new thoughts and developments in all related areas and to share one’s own knowledge, visiting and speaking at conferences should be an important part of a content strategist’s work life. Here is a selection of relevant conferences.

Content strategy-related events

  • COSCamp, Austria: barcamp covering various content strategy-related topics, organised by FH Joanneum
  • Content Strategy Camp, Germany: barcamp for everyone and everything related to digital content
  • Confab, US and online: connects the dots between different fields of practice related to digital content
  • LavaCon, US: conference for networking and building relationships between industry professionals and talks about content strategy trend-topics

Content marketing-related conferences

  • CMCX, Germany: around content marketing tech-trends, B2B marketing, influencer marketing
  • Digital Marketing World Forum, worldwide: various conferences and expos about the future of digital marketing technologies
  • MozCon, US: foucssing on search marketing
  • OMR, Germany: the festival features international speakers from the digital business / marketing world covering a variety of topics
  • Rheinwerk Online Marketing Konferenz, online: about new strategies and techniques related to online marketing topics
  • OMKB, Germany: about digital marketing and technology
  • DigiMarCon, worldwide: a series of digital marketing conferences around the world
  • OXD Online Expert Days, Austria: combining OMX for online marketing and SEOkomm for search engine marketing
  • Campixx, Germany: conference festival about SEO and content marketing
  • Content Day, Austria: about trends and news in content marketing (currently pausing)

UX-related conferences

  • 24 hours of UX, online: engage with a global community on UX topics
  • World Usability Congress, worldwide: for UX experts and strategists to share real-world UX challenges
  • IXDC, China: international experience design conference about innovation, systems and business
  • UX Nordic, Denmark and online: for networking, harvesting ideas and boosting UX skills
  • UXDG UX Design Summit, online: about innovation and new challenges in UX design
  • UXCon Vienna, Austria: international conference for UX research and UX design
  • Design Matters, Denmark and online: conference by designers for designers

Product management-related conferences